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Good decision making relies on accurate and timely accounting, independent and competent auditing and proper financial advice, all within the framework of Pioneer Auditing. Good decision making is the most crucial prerequisite for success in business, and one of the most important prerequisites for good decision making is “information.' For information to be valuable to decision making, it has to be relevant, accurate and timely. Irrelevant information is time wasting; inaccurate information can lead to the wrong decisions to be taken; untimely information, even when accurate, is of little use.

Developments in the accounting practice over the past few decades coupled with the dramatic development of information systems, namely computerised accounting systems, have led the way to the availability of standardised accurate and timely information to be at the reach of any business. Pioneer Auditing was established to provide its clientele with three independent but inter-related services, two of which build up to the availability of accurate and timely quantitative information, and the third to assist you in making proper financial and management decisions.