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Pioneer Auditing was established in Dubai during 1989 by Nicolas Saade Jr, a U.S. educated financial and banking consultant and Ezeddine Mardini, a qualified UAE registered auditor. The object of the firm was to pool the expertise of the two founders to render a high quality professional service in complementary fields under the roof of one institution.

During the short period after its establishment, Pioneer Auditing gained a good reputation for performing high quality audits and unbiased professional reports in arbitration court cases (commercial, banking and financial) and for preparing high standard analytical financial reports.

Pioneer Auditing's strive to achieve a high standard of service was rewarded and enhanced in May 1992 with its admittance as member in The International Group Of Accounting Firms (IGAF), one of the oldest and largest associations of independent accountants which ranked then among the top fifteen auditing and management consultancy groups in the world. IGAF which had its Head Quarters in the U.S.A. and regional offices in Argentina, the Netherlands and Singapore, had up to this date 130 firms with 430 offices in 60 countries around the world employing about 8,500 employees.

The association of Pioneer Auditing with the newly (2011) merged IGAF Polaris puts at the disposal of the firm virtually unlimited resources and expertise in any field of management consultancy, whether related to general issues in accounting, auditing, taxation, information systems, and financial consulting, or whether these are related to specific industries in particular countries. The IGAF Polaris association, rebranded as PrimeGlobal in July 2012, has now over 350 firms with a combined total of more than 800 offices in 90 countries around the globe, with over 17,000 personnel. This association allows, Pioneer Auditing to properly tackle issues beyond the immediate know-how of a local firm, as well as it gives it the capability to refer directly its clientele to auditors and management consultants within the PrimeGlobal group, world-wide.

In addition to its association with PrimeGlobal, Pioneer Auditing, through its founding partner and since its inception, has had close associations with banking institutions and law firms, whose services are put at its disposal. These associations widen the range of services that can be performed through Pioneer Auditing.